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Capone is the inspiration for Capone's Bonz. I wanted to give my dog the best treats possible. I was tired of paying a fortune for hard,  boxed dog treats that contained who knows what for ingredients  and started making my own just for Capone.  Friends and family loved them! It was my inspiration to start my own business sharing delicious gourmet treats with other dogs too! 

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Ask about getting your dog's name or a special message added to your bone!

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Fresh ingredients only! No salt, sugar, chemicals, food coloring or dyes added!

Fresh ingredients only! No salt, sugar, food coloring or dyes added. Natural preservative only. 

I Love it!


Dogs love them! Comments from satisfied customers: "I don't know what you put in those bones but my dog is slobbering all over himself about them!"  "He wags his tail just thinking about getting a treat" 

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Cello bags, Doggie Bag Carry Out, or Paw Print Window boxes available for all flavors. Just add comments in your order to let us know which style you prefer. 

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Capone's Bonz

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